Configuring Python for Tk on Mac

Russell E. Owen no at spam.invalid
Mon Jan 24 15:15:07 EST 2005

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 martyn_quick at (Martyn Quick) wrote:

>On my desk here at work I have a Mac G4 running Mac OS X v10.2.8.
>When I go into a terminal and type "python" up comes a nice python
>interface and all seems great.  However when I type "import Tkinter"
>I'm greeted by the following error....

Assuming you are running MacPython from 

Install Aqua Tcl/Tk as another poster suggested.

Run Applications/MacPython.../Package Manager and install Tkinter.

Or if your MacPython is out of date, you may just want to download and 
install the current version. If Tcl/Tk is already installed then I think 
it will install Tkinter automatically (but if not, use Package Manager).

If you are running some other python, please tell us more about it. (If 
it's fink python, install the version that includes Tkinter support, but 
this runs on X11 instead of Aqua).

-- Russell

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