Python Operating System???

Roose b at b.b
Mon Jan 10 13:10:13 EST 2005

"Paul Rubin" <> wrote in message
news:7xu0ppyjjg.fsf at
> "Roose" <b at b.b> writes:
> > Are you actually going to answer any of my questions?  Let's see
> > this "JavaScript task scheduler" you have written!
> I wrote it at a company and can't release it.  It ran inside a
> browser.  There was nothing terribly amazing about it.  Obviously the
> tasks it scheduled were not kernel tasks.  Do you know how Stackless
> Python (with continuations) used to work?  That had task switching,
> but those were not kernel tasks either.

Well, then of course you know I have to say:  An OS does not run inside a
browser.  There's a sentence I never thought I'd utter in my lifetime.

So that is an irrelevant example, since it obviously isn't a task scheduler
in the context of this thread.

Anyway, this argument is going nowhere... I will admit that people have
pointed out things here that are interesting like the attempts to embed
Python in a kernel.  But the point was that the OP was looking for an easier
way to write an OS, and thought that might be to do it in Python, and I
think I gave some good guidance away from that direction.  That is mostly
what I care about.

These other arguments are academic, and of course I am not trying to stop
anyone from trying anything.  When I we see real working example, then we
will all have a better idea of what the problems are, and how much of it can
realistically be implemented in an interpreted language.  Frankly I don't
think that will come for about 10 years if ever, but hey prove me wrong.

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