anydbm biasing

Eric S. Johansson esj at
Tue Jan 18 16:53:54 EST 2005

I have a preference for gdbm when building DBM based dictionaries but 
have found I cannot count on it being there all the time.  Therefore, I 
have created this little tidbit which you call before opening your 
anydbm database to bias the preference towards gdbm instead of dbhash:

# bias DBM towards gdbm if at all possible.
def bias_anydbm():
     """bias anydbm to gdbm"""

         _mod = __import__("gdbm")
     except ImportError:
         # and other words, if you can import gdbm, make it the default
         anydbm._defaultmod = _mod

     open_DBM =, 'c')

if you have gdbm enabled, it will use that otherwise it will default to 
the search list in anydbm.  obviously, this can be used to bias anydbm 
to meet your own preferences


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