ANN: matplotlib-0.71

John Hunter jdhunter at
Tue Jan 25 12:35:37 EST 2005

matplotlib is a 2D graphics package that produces plots from python
scripts, the python shell, or embeds them in your favorite python GUI
-- wx, gtk, tk, fltk currently supported with qt in the works. Unlike
many python plotting alternatives is written in python, so it is
easy to extend. matplotlib is used in the finance industry, web
application servers, and many scientific and enginneering disciplines.
With a large community of users and developers, matplotlib is
approaching the goal of having a full featured, high quality, 2D
plotting library for python.

What's new in matplotlib 0.71

numerix refactor

  The organization of the numerix module was refactored to be mindful
  of namespaces. See pylab no
  longer overrides the built-ins min, max, and sum, and provides amin,
  amax and asum as the numerix/mlab versions of these.  pylab defines
  __all__ to prevent surprises when doing from pylab import *.  To see
  the complete list of symbols provided

    >>> import matplotlib.pylab
    >>> matplotlib.pylab.__all__

contour zigzag bug fixed

  Thanks Nadia for the blood, sweat and tears, and Dominique for the

contour colormaps

  Contour now uses the current colormap if colors is not provided, and
  works with colorbars.  See examples/

colorbar enhancements

  Horizontal colorbars supported with keyword arg
  orientation='horizontal' and colorbars can be placed in an arbitrary
  axes with keyword arg cax.

accents in mathtext

  Added accents to mathtext: \hat, reve, \grave, ar, cute, ilde, ec,
  \dot, \ddot. All of them have the same syntax, eg to make an overbar
  you do ar{o} or to make an o umlaut you do \ddot{o}. The shortcuts
  are also provided, eg: "o 'e \`e \~n \.x \^y . See

fixed super/subscript parsing in mathtext

  Widowed superscripts now work, eg r'$^12 m{CO}$'

little bugs and enhancements

  Plugged some memory leaks in wx and image module, fixed x,y args in
  contour, added latex symbol kappa, fixed a yticklabel problem under
  change in clim, fixed colorbar number of color bug, fixed
  set_clip_on bug, reverted pythoninspect in tkagg, fixed event
  handling bugs, fixed matlab-compatible load function, exposed vbox
  attr in FigureManagerGTK.

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