import hook, overwrite import?

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Jan 27 08:14:02 EST 2005

Kartic wrote:

> Hi Torsten,
> If you want to use other methods to import (other than good ole file
> system), yes, you can create an importer class and register it as an
> importer module, that import will use to search and import.
> For example, it is possible to use zip imports (this functionality is
> already builtin) to import from a zip archive.
> py>>> import zlib # required
> py>>> import sys
> py>>> sys.path.append('/location/to/')
> py>>> import testzip
> py>>> testzip.__file__
> '/location/to/,py'
> To generally do it, you have to:
> 1. Create a class that provides a load_module method that returns a
> module type.
> 2.  Install your class as a hook using
> sys.path_hooks.append(your_importer_class)
> Please take a look at the imp module :
> for a complete description
> on accessing the import internals. There is also a simple example in
> this section.
> Is this is what you are looking for?
> Thanks,
> --Kartic
> PS: This about how much I know...the more I find out, I will share :-)
I will just chime in to say I too am looking for information in this 
area. I hope to put some sort of BoF or Open Space event together for 
people wishing to learn about (and teach about) the import system from 
PEP 302 at PyCon this year.

Early bird registration rates are still available today and tomorrow!


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