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>> > Premshree Pillai <premshree.pillai at> wrote:
>> >> Btw, is there a comprehensive list of ALL contributors put up 
>> >> anywhere?
>> >
>> > Not yet -- do you think I should put it up on my website?
>> Updating the status of the recipes on the web site would be nice.
> Please take this up with Activestate guys -- I have no say on what
> happens on the website they own, nor any special status there.

I was under the impression that the status on the website reflects whether 
the recipes are approved or rejected for the book (with a few more states 
added: new, deferred, pending).  I gather now from your reply that there is 
no connection between that status and the book.

Okay then, I am adding my vote to posting the list of all the contributors. 
I still think that the ActiveState website is an appropriate place to do 
that, as they also have the recipes.  Actually, what is the exact 
relationship between the recipes on the website and the recipes published in 
the book?

If not on the ActiveState website, then posting the list to another website 
would be good too.  Even if the list is not absolutely final and may be 
changed later (a disclaimer to that effect would suffice).  I have two 
recipes submitted (for which I got permission requests) and I am curious.

BTW, I sent an email to pythoncookbook at earlier today, before 
I even saw this thread in c.l.p.  I haven't received a reply from them yet.


> Alex 

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