ANN: Tao Scripting Language 0.8.5 beta released!

Rocco Moretti roccomoretti at
Thu Jan 27 12:13:23 EST 2005

Limin Fu wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am glad to announce in this mailing list that the lastest version
> of a new scripting language has come out.

Since you chose to announce it in this mailing list/newsgroup, may I 
suggest that a comparison with Python is in order?

Since it is a new scripting language, I'm not suggesting a language war, 
but rather a simple statement of how Tao differs from Python, and what 
"itch" you were trying to scratch when you designed your new language. 
Basically, how does your design philosophy differ from that of Guido?
Where did you go left when Python went right?

(Congrats on beating the technical challenge of designing and 
implementing a programming language - now's your chance to sell us on 
it. :-)

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