Tao Scripting Language 0.8.5 beta released!

Claudio Grondi claudio.grondi at freenet.de
Thu Jan 27 10:32:13 EST 2005

Dear Limin,

Tao Script with its 300 KByte of code is so small,
that one just must love it forgiving all its baby

After changes (see below) to the code in taoModule.cpp
necessary because my compiler claimed repeated definition
of 'ref' e.g. in the section:
if(TaoReference *ref2a=inNameSpace->findDataShared(name) ){
 TaoShareRefer*ref2b=new TaoShareRefer();
I was able to compile the code with
Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 on W2K
(create an empty .NET project, add all source
code files, compile and be happy :-)

Trying the examples provided on the
homesite of Tao Script which run ok as they
are, I found, that print("### \n") failes due to
the way the Lexer works beeing not able to
proper handle string literals.
One just can't probably use any of "#'" "//" "/*"
in strings because the lexer strips the
comments before it analyses the source
to handle content of the string literals.

Hope this comment helps you to continue
the well done work on it.
I had fun with it because of its size, so
from my point of view please try to
keep the project as small as possible, so
that it remains easy to check out the entire
Maybe it is even a good idea to keep
the problem with the strings as a "feature"
in order to keep the Lexer as simple as

Best regards


"Limin Fu" <fu.limin.tao at gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:mailman.1426.1106825698.22381.python-list at python.org...
> Dear all,
> I am glad to announce in this mailing list that the lastest version
> of a new scripting language has come out.
> Welcome to try it out.
> Comments are welcome.
> Suggestions are appreciated.
> =======================
> Here are some details:
> =======================
> Design Goals:
> 1. Simple and efficient.
> 2. Integrate nice features of other languages whenever possible.
> Implementation language: C++ with STL.
> Designer: Fu Limin
> Email: fu [dot] limin [dot] tao [at] gmail.com
> Key features have been supported:
> 1. Dynamic-typing variables, supporting complex data structures
>    such as array/list, hash/dictionary and matrix etc.
> 2. Object-oriented programming ( multi-inheritance not supported
>    yet ).
> 3. Basic string regular expression matching.
> 4. Automatic garbage collection capable of collecting cyclically
>    referenced objects.
> 5. Numeric data types: complex number and matrix, and their basic
>    operations.
> 6. Convenient namespacing and dynamic creation of subroutines and
>    classes.
> 7. Dynamic loading of C/C++ modules ( not complete, but enough for
>    playing with it ^_^ ).
> 8. An embedded tiny XML parser.
> ToBeDone:
> More string operations, multi-inheritance of classes, improvements
> on C/C++ module loading, more on regular expression matching and
> possible optimizations etc.
> Documentation:
>             http://taoscript.sourceforge.net/brief_tao.php
> Sample scripts:
>             http://taoscript.sourceforge.net/sample.php
> Download:
> http://taoscript.sourceforge.net/downloads.php
> Best regards,
> Limin
> --
> Homepage for Tao Language:
> http://taoscript.sourceforge.net
> Tao Language project at sourceforge.net:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/taoscript

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