human readable IPTC field names

Jonah Bossewitch jb2410 at
Wed Jan 12 21:36:30 CET 2005


I am using PIL's IptcImagePlugin to extract the IPTC tags from an image 
file.  I was able to successfully retrieve the tags from the image 
(thanks!), but the results are keyed off of cryptic tuples.

I found the lookup codes here -, 
but I was wondering if these existed anywhere in the code.  Would it 
make sense to include a label lookup on these keys?  Maybe as a 
dictionary or a properties file alongside the IptcImagePlugin?

I am not sure if these field names are standard, but named lookups off 
of keys would be much more readable

does such a lookup table exist?  Does it make sense to include with the 
IptcImagePlugin?  I would be willing to work on this if anyone was 

Jonah Bossewitch
Technology and Programmer Analyst
jb2410 at columbia dot edu

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