Installing IPython on win2k

Dave Merrill dmerrillq at usaq.netq
Sat Jan 8 12:12:41 EST 2005

Hi, I'm new to python, and ipython, but not to programming, having trouble
getting ipython installed on windows 2000, python 233. Any help would be
much appreciated; I'm sure I'm being some basic flavor of dense...

First downloaded and installed PythonWin, readline and ctypes. They're all
pretty clearly here and working, because I can run PythonWin, and from
there, importing readline and ctypes works.

Then downloaded and unzipped it. When I double-click, I get only a brief wait cursor; nothing else happens, and
importing ipython as a test fails.

I tried moving the whole unzipped dir to site-packages, no difference.

Both files in the scripts dir, ipython and pycolor, have no filename
extension, which seems odd to my newbie eye. I tried renaming them to .py,
still no difference.

My apologies for this basic question, and my no doubt ignorant flailing
about. Very much looking forward to getting this working.


Dave Merrill

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