[perl-python] 20050127 traverse a dir

Abigail abigail at abigail.nl
Fri Jan 28 03:12:30 EST 2005

Timo Virkkala (a at a.invalid) wrote on MMMMCLXVIII September MCMXCIII in
<URL:news:nGgKd.620$zi5.487 at read3.inet.fi>:
@@  The Flow wrote:
@@ > Do you want to be taken seriously?
@@ > First, stop posting.
@@ > Second, learn perl.
@@ > Third, learn python.
@@  No. Second, learn Python. Third, learn Perl (optional). :)

Just leave the third option out. Let him learn Python. We don't want him. ;-)

sub f{sprintf'%c%s',$_[0],$_[1]}print f(74,f(117,f(115,f(116,f(32,f(97,
f(0x48,f(97,f(99,f(107,f(101,f(114,f(10,q ff)))))))))))))))))))))))))

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