DevX: "Processing EDI Documents into XML with Python"

Satchidanand Haridas sharidas at
Tue Jan 25 08:53:47 EST 2005

There has already been some work in this area - although for X12 
transactions for the healthcare industry. Its on sourceforge already and 
best of all the development language is Python:


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Jeremy Jones wrote:

> Claudio Grondi wrote:
>> "You don't have to rely on expensive and proprietary EDI conversion 
>> software
>> to parse, validate, and translate EDI X12 data to and from XML; you can
>> build your own translator with any modern programming language, such as
>> Python."
>>      by Jeremy Jones
>>      Excerpt:
>>      "Python is an object-oriented, byte-compiled language with a clean
>> syntax, clear and consistent philosophy, and a strong user community. 
>> These
>> attributes (both of the language and the community) make it possible to
>> quickly write working, maintainable code, which in turn makes Python an
>> excellent choice for nearly any programming task. Processing any 
>> "flavor" of
>> EDI is no exception."
>> Hi,
>> just wanted to share with you, that the last issue
>> of the DevX newsletter comes with a Python related
>> article as first item in the list of subjects.
>> Claudio
> Anyone interested in processing EDI with Python will probably be 
> interested in giving it a read.  Please feel free to scrutinize the 
> code mercilessly.  I plan on creating a project on Sourceforge with 
> the code that is attached to that article (and hopefully with 
> modifications coming from user input in the ensuing months).  Comments 
> are greatly appreciated.
> Thanks for posting this, Claudio.
> Jeremy Jones

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