What's the best python web-developer's editor

Daniel Bowett daniel at bowettsolutions.com
Thu Jan 20 20:52:42 CET 2005

I only use Windows and I only ever use Textpad. It gives nice syntax 
highlighting, indentation and you can run your script with it too.

andy wrote:
> Anybody like to comment on which editor they use for python web app 
> development - for both discrete and mixed python and html code,  and why?
> I'm comfortable with IDLE (used it for years) but of course it lacks ftp 
> or webDAV abilities, obviously because it's not intended for that type 
> of use.
> I've had a look at Screem - and that seems to do python syntax 
> highlighting, but it dosn't seem to be python syntax aware (unless 
> there's a hidden option somewhere).  Although I can live without auto 
> indent, I'd rather not...
> I'm sure emacs, xemacs, vi, elvis and so on can do the same, but I have 
> no experience with them for  heavy python or html coding, nor the time 
> to trip off down a blind-alley to find out!  I know Enough Vi To Get 
> By(tm) but it's by no means my favourite editor.  Emacs is a complete 
> mystery to me.
> I guess I *could* use IDLE and Screem together, but that's a clunky 
> solution!
> all opinions greatfully received,
> -andyj

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