Debian says "Warning! you are running an untested version of Python." on 2.3

Amand Tihon amand.nospam at
Fri Jan 14 04:43:15 EST 2005

rbt wrote:

> Nick Craig-Wood wrote:
>> Alex Stapleton <alexs at> wrote:
>>>  Whenever I run python I get
>>>  "Warning! you are running an untested version of Python."
>>>  prepended to the start of any output on stdout.
>>>  This is with Debian and python 2.3 (running the debian 2.1 and 2.2
>>>  binaries doesn't have this effect)
>> What version of a) Debian and b) python are you running?
>> I don't have that problem here (I'm running testing/sarge)
> Same here... Debian testing with Python2.3 no problem. Perhaps he's
> running Debian unstable?

Same result here on unstable, no problem. And experimental has no python2.3
However, I remember vaguely about something like this. 
Perhaps the OP is running an old unstable version, never upgraded ?

Amand Tihon

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