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[Iwan van der Kleyn]

#- need: a better standard ide, an integrated db interface with 
#- a proper 
#- set of db drivers (!!), a better debugger, a standard widget/windows 
#- toolkit, something akin to a standard for web programming, better 
#- documentation, a standard lib which is better organized, a 
#- formalized 
#- set of protocols and patterns for program construction. And an 
#- interpreter which is fast enough to avoid using C or Pyrex in most 
#- obvious cases.

Let's take one by one:

- IDE: Better than what? Than IDLE? Than Eclipse? Than SPE? Than Pythonwin?

- Integrated DB interface with a proper set of db drivers (what means the
"!!"?): What do you mean with an integrated db interface? An standard API to
access different DB engines? Something like the Database API specification
( There's a SIG
on DB at you may want to look at.
Regarding drivers, to what DB do you miss one?

- Debugger: Again, better than what? I use the debugger in IDLE and it's
pretty ok.

- Standard widget/windows toolkit: More standard than Tk?

- Something akin to a standard for web programming: specifically?

- Better documentation: Did you find *any* issue in the docs? And why you
didn't post a bug on that?

- Better organization of the std lib: What do you propose (specifically)?
Please, in your proposal, take in consideration migration plans and how the
migration affect actual systems. And of course, why the new organization is
better than the old one. BTW, I also think that it should be better
organized, but don't know how.

- a formalized set of protocols and patterns for program construction: a

- an interpreter which is fast enough to avoid using C or Pyrex in most
obvious cases: CPython is More Than Fast Enough. In which obvious cases it's
not enough for you?

Don't misinterpret this response. I know it was a rambling. But *maybe* you
have something to contribute to Python development, even good ideas only and
no work.

.    Facundo

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