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I program in Python -- but not at work. There are very few
opportunities for Python work in India. As of now, at least. (If
somebody else has better information, please correct me.)

A lot of people _do_ use Python, but not many organizations use it.

Okay, as an aside, as a computer _science_ graduate, a programming
language alone should not decide what career you choose. Nor should
you choose a career based on the liking of a particular language

And I kinda don't understand this idea of "choosing what's best". How
do you define "what is best"? I guess you should do what you like --
and not something that is "in demand".

My 2 paisas. :)

On 17 Jan 2005 07:09:09 -0800, Mir Nazim <mirnazim at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Here I am once again to give a bit trouble.
> I am at the verge of completing my graduation in computer sciences. I
> will be graduating within 6-8 months. Now I am faced with the problems
> of my career. I am in a fix what skill set I must choose to be safe as
> far as job openings are concerned. I understand that skill set should
> be that one like most but job is also important. I will try to achieve
> a balance in both with the help of you advice.
> I am currently developing in PHP as a freelance web developer. But I
> want to move to python(for all it all cool reasons discussed a zillion
> times on c.l.py) and wanted to know the job oportunites available to a
> python programmer(I know these have been also discussed a zillion time
> here but still..). I am living in India and would like to know about
> employability of python programmers in India (I know that a few Indians
> frequent c.l.py. Hello Sridhar, where are you).
> I would also like to know that if the knowledge of any other language
> will boost employability of a python programmer. As far as I see it,
> the following combination are desirable.
> 1) C/C++ and Python.
> 2) Java and Python.
> 3) Pure Python.
> Out of the three Java along with python seems to be straight forward
> choice as far as employability is concerned. But I would like to know
> the benifits which one is a better career choice to take out of these
> three choices(other suggestions are welcome). For me choice three would
> be better, not because I have only one language to learn. If I choose
> choice three I could spend more time in learning different approaches
> to develop the application and better master the library and frameworks
> avaialble for python.
> So what are the recomendations from your side. Please help.
> Thanks
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> Mir Nazim.
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Premshree Pillai

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