Talking to the wind

Dan Perl danperl at
Thu Jan 27 23:08:15 EST 2005

"Terry Reedy" <tjreedy at> wrote in message 
news:mailman.1481.1106882832.22381.python-list at
> Hey all, I have seen no evidence that XL even reads the responses that 
> have been directed thereto.  The above is like
> /dev/null,
> Why don't you ever answer the messages I keep sending to you?
> Terry J. Reedy

According to his own website, he suspects himself of having a schizoid 
personality.  This is how Britannica Online describes "schizoid":
"In this disorder there is a disinclination to mix with others, the 
individual appearing aloof, withdrawn, indifferent, unresponsive, and 
disinterested. Such a person prefers solitary to gregarious pursuits, 
involvement with things rather than with people, and often appears 
humourless or dull."

Does that explain things for you?  I really think that nothing we say gets 
through to him.


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