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"...Many people coming to Python can't believe no one uses IDEs. The
automatic assumption is that Python is for old grey beards who are
comfortable with vi and Emacs and refuse to accept breakthroughs in
programming productivity like IDEs. Then they write a little Python code
and realize that an IDE would just get in their way."



It's also not true. Lots of people use IDEs - look at the
number of Python IDEs out there, and the number of
attempts (some of them reasonable) to add Python
support to Eclipse.

The thing is, there are relatively fewer programming
tools needed to work with Python than there are
for Java, for example, so the available IDEs are much

Line oriented editors are an acquired taste, and they
are one I've never acquired regardless of the environment.
I've used both edit under TSO and vi on a timesharing
arrangement with an AIX system, and both of them suck
compared to the screen editors available.

John Roth 

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