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Thu Jan 27 00:41:56 EST 2005

Jeremy Bowers <jerf at jerf.org> writes:
> The policy has been laid out, multiple times, by multiple people now. The
> answer is, you are not going to get any such indication that will satisfy
> you.

Actually I already got an indication that satisfied me, from Guido and
Andrew, although it was later withdrawn for nontechnical reasons (i.e.
legal restrictions) that I don't feel entitled to argue against very
much.  I do, however, believe that what Frederik and Martin are saying
is bogus on technical grounds, and furthermore, they're just being
busybodies, since they've had no involvement at all in what's happened
already with that module, and their picture of the Python development
process doesn't have much resemblance to how the current Python distro
got to be the way it is.

> Note that I am not a Python contributor of any kind. Also note that I
> figured this out about two days ago. You can wheedle these guys all you
> want, 

I have not asked them for anything, since they are not in a position
to give it.

>but they are too experienced for you to extract a promise from them.

Actually, one of them already gave a promise that he couldn't keep
even if he wanted to.  He said that if I wrote a crypto module and got
it tested enough, it would be considered for inclusion (i.e. based on
its technical merits).  But, he doesn't get to decide that.  Current
policy per per Guido seems to be that because of the legal stuff,
there will be no crypto module in the stdlib regardless of its merits.

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