msvcp71.dll and Python 2.4 C++ extensions

Matthias Baas baas at
Mon Jan 31 15:03:03 EST 2005


are there any guidelines about what to do if a Windows extension for
Python 2.4  requires the C++ runtime (msvcp71.dll)? If I want to
distribute a binary installer of an extension that contains C++ code,
should I really include the msvcp71.dll in the package? It doesn't
sound like a good idea to me if every package places another copy of
this dll somewhere in the Python directory.
Python 2.4 does install the C runtime (msvcr71.dll) in the Windows
system32 directory, doesn't it? (btw, shouldn't this be installed in
the Python directory instead?) So would it be possible that future
Python releases would also install the C++ runtime? I think it's
better if the dll would only be installed once by Python instead of
several times by every extension that uses C++.

Currently, I do not package the C++ runtime and leave it up to the
user to install the dll if it isn't already somewhere on his system.
But this really is not a satisfying solution...

- Matthias -

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