python and macros (again) [Was: python3: 'where' keyword]

Tim Jarman tmj at
Fri Jan 14 10:20:25 EST 2005

Skip Montanaro wrote:

>     Fredrik> no, expressions CAN BE USED as statements.  that doesn't mean
>     Fredrik> that they ARE statements, unless you're applying belgian
>     logic.
> Hmmm...  I'd never heard the term "belgian logic" before.  Googling
> provided a few uses, but no formal definition (maybe it's a European
> phrase so
> searching for it in English is futile).  The closest thing I found was
>     Or is it another case of Belgian logic, where you believe it because
>     theres no evidence or motive whatsoever?
>     Fredrik> no, it's Python, and it's designed this way on purpose.  go
>     Fredrik> read the language reference.

IANA French person, but I believe that Belgians are traditionally 
regarded as stupid in French culture, so "Belgian logic" would be 
similar to "Irish logic" for an English person. (Feel free to insert
your own cultural stereotypes as required. :)

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