Recent infoworld column

Stephen Waterbury golux at
Sun Jan 9 13:58:43 EST 2005

Roger Binns wrote:
> You may also find a talk I gave at baypiggies in July 2004 of interest.
> It covers the various issues in doing a "real world" Python application,
> including packaging [etc -- lots of great stuff ...]

*Very* nice presentation -- THANKS!
Especially interesting to me because my project
uses wxPython and I'm always looking at the
rationales of other GUI projects for their
choices ... I agree with all your points!

Wrt event-driven vs. threading decision, I chose the
event-driven path (Twisted).  For non-GUI aspects
(e.g. services), it's awesome ... not as awesome
when the Twisted and wxPython event loops have to
co-exist.  :^/  I'm still hoping some guru will
come up with a better solution than the current
compromises (timer, etc.), but they are adequately
functional for now, for my purposes.

Although I probably won't use BitPim myself (I'm very
old-fashioned in my cell phone usage ;)  I admire your
concept and execution.


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