Classical FP problem in python : Hamming problem

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Sun Jan 23 19:22:05 EST 2005

[Francis Girard]
> ...
> In the meantime, I couldn't resist to test the new Python features about
> laziness on a classical FP problem, i.e. the "Hamming" problem.
> Nevertheless, while the Haskell version prints Hamming sequence for as long as
> I can stand it, and with very little memory consumation, the Python version
> only prints :
> I think I should not have this kind of behaviour, even using recursion, since
> I'm only using lazy constructs all the time. At least, I would expect the
> program to produce much more results before surrending.
> What's going on ?

You can find an explanation in Lib/test/, which uses
this problem as an example; you can also find one efficient way to
write it there.

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