dynamic data types

rbt rbt at athop1.ath.vt.edu
Mon Jan 17 09:09:04 EST 2005

Charlie wrote:
> Hi,
> The description of Python always mentions "very high level dynamic data
> types". Now, I can't seem to find any examples of these (nothing
> described with this term anyway). Is this simply refering to built-in
> dynamic data structures such as lists and dictionaries, with a great
> deal of operators defined on? Or is there something else meant by
> "dynamic data types" in Python? 
> Regards,
> Charlie

I've always thought of it like this... in C, we have to do something 
like this when declaring a variable:

int x = 0;

We had to specifically tell the language compiler that x is an integer. 
In Python, all we have to do is:

x = 0

The interpretor knows that x is an integer. We can also change the type 
like this:



To me, this is why Python types are called dynamic. They are easy to 
setup and easy to modify when compared to older, more static languages.


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