how to stop google from messing Python code

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Fri Jan 14 12:05:31 EST 2005

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> Xah Lee wrote:
>> gmane is great!

> I guess that most people use google to post to newsgroups is that they
> don't have nntp access.

Anyone with a normal internet connection has nntp access.  What some do not 
get from their ISP is 'free' access to a full newsite, and they may not 
feel like paying extra $$ to one when they can get free access to 
non-binary groups via Google that is better in regards to retention and 
search, Google just happens to not work well for posting Python code.  What 
most of those people may not know is that there is free access to a 
restricted news site (gmane) which mirrors a large number of mailing lists, 
one of which is the Python mailing list, which mirrors the Python 
newsgroup.  So I help them by giving them this  information.  Xah Lee used 
the information I shared, as have many other people, and even, in effect, 
thanked me for doing so.  Gmane also gives a Pythoneer easy access to about 
50 specialized Python-related mailing lists (and 1000s not related to 

> Telling htem to use a newsreader is facetious  and unhelpful.

Telling someone to stop sharing sharing useful information is nasty and 
unhelpful.  You owe me an apology.

Terry J. Reedy

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