Readline configuration

Fernando Perez at
Wed Jan 5 16:22:17 EST 2005

Mark Roach wrote:

> I have readline set up pretty much the same way as in the example in the
> python docs ( and
> something I find myself doing fairly often is
> type some code
>     more code
>     more code
>     ...
> and then wanting to scroll back through the history to run the same code
> again after a module = reload(module). In Windows, this is pretty
> convenient as I can use up to move to point x in the history, press enter,
> and press down to move to point x+1 in history. Is there any way to get
> the same behavior with readline?
> It would be great to be able to ctrl+r <type part of first line> then just
> hit down+enter to reenter the rest of the code.

See ipython (  It provides mostly what you want:

In [1]: for i in range(3):
   ...:     print i,
0 1 2

In [2]: print 'hello'

In [3]: exec In[1]
0 1 2

Readline history search is bound to Ctrl-P/N (type a few characters, then hit
Ctrl-P/N to get previous/next lines with those matching chars).  Ctrl-r search
is also configured by default.



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