Python3: on removing map, reduce, filter

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Mon Jan 10 14:25:52 CET 2005

Terry Reedy wrote:
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>>How does GvR suggestions on removing map(), reduce(), filter()
> While GvR *might* prefer removing them completely on any given day, I think 
> moving them to a functional module, as others have suggested and requested, 
> is currently more likely.  I believe that GvR has indicated at times that 
> this would be an acceptible compromise.
> I am one of those who think the list of builtins is currently too long to 
> be easily grasped and should be shrunk.

Heh. When PEP 309 hits CVS (with functional.partial), maybe it can grow aliases 
for the three of them so people can get used to the idea.

It might keep partial from getting too lonely. . . :)


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