Securing a future for anonymous functions in Python

Anna annaraven at
Mon Jan 10 13:22:19 EST 2005

You cut something from that...

"""It's not, after all, the word "lambda" itself; I would still
have some issues with using, say "function", instead of "lambda", but
at least then I would immediately know what I was looking at..."""

I would have fewer ambiguities about using, say "func" rather than
lambda. Lambda always makes me feel like I'm switching to some *other*
language (specifically, Greek - I took a couple of semesters of Attic
Greek in college and quite enjoyed it.) But, the fact that lambda
doesn't MEAN anything  (and has come - I mean - DELTA at least has a
fairly commonly understood meaning, even at high-school level math.
But, lambda? If it was "func" or "function" or even "def", I would be
happier. At least that way I'd have some idea what it was supposed to

BTW - I am *quite* happy with the proposal for "where:" syntax - I
think it handles the problems I have with lambda quite handily. 


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