Developing Commercial Applications in Python

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Mon Jan 3 14:44:19 EST 2005

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> I am trying to convince my client to use Python in his new product. He
> is worried about the license issues. Can somebody there to point me any
> good commercial applications developed using python ?. The licence
> clearly says Python can be used for commercial applications.

We are in a weird catch-22 type situation here.  Because the license is so 
open, companies that use Python just use it.  No payment, no curtesy 
registration, no verifiable trace unless they care to disclose (and most 

The license could be paraphrased as "Don't sue us or do anything that would 
cause anyone else to sue us and we won't sue you."  There is a posted 
request for thank you donations but not enough commercial users do so to 
even hire one full time programmer, let alone a lawyer (above the bare 
minimum required for PSF to legally function).  The PSF is about as far 
from the RIAA and MPAA as possible.

There are Python Success Stories at the Python site and elsewhere (try 
Google on the newsgroup.  You could also agree to be responsible for any 
legal action initiated by the PSF not due to obvious malfeance, like trying 
to register a copyright on the Python source.  Or you could suggest that 
they purchase a license with a donation to the PSF.

Terry J. Reedy

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