pickling extension class

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 18 21:51:40 CET 2005

harold fellermann <harold.fellermann at upf.edu> wrote:
> Here it goes...:
>   OOPS, error (exceptions.ImportError): No module named hyper

So, the __import__ in pickle fails -- indeed, __import__('foo') when
'foo' ``is imported from a subpackage'' is _supposed_ to fail, as
'hyper' is not the name you SHOULD be importing.  For example,


is fine, but just


fails with ImportError -- there IS no toplevel module by that name!

> I have noticed that the error does not occur, when the imported module
> ('hyper') is in the same directory as the script that pickles. When it
> is imported from a subpackage (like in the code
> I sent you) it goes wrong.

If you can't fix the modulename given by your type, you can perhaps
kludge things up by (e.g.)

import the.real.hyper

before you pickle; but I suspect UNpickling would fail in that case.

Using the standard library copy_reg module to register your way to
pickle and recover instances of your type might work better.


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