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>>>>That's funny -- Bruce Eckel talks about how he used to love checked
>>>>exceptions but has come to regard them as the horror that they are.
>>>>I've learned to just write "throws Exception" at the declaration of
>>>>every method.
>>>Pretty sloppy, though, no? And surely the important thing is to have a 
>>>broad handler, not a broad specification of raisable exceptions?
>> Yes, it's sloppy, but I Don't Care.  I'm trying to write usable code
>> while learning a damnably under-documented Java library -- and I'm *not*
>> a Java programmer in the first place, so I'm also fighting with the Java
>> environment.  Eventually I'll add in some better code.
>The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

So's the road to unfinished software projects.  The question, as always,
becomes how best to balance the competing requirements and resources.
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