Accessing MDB files on Windows

Jorge Luiz Godoy Filho godoy at
Wed Jan 19 13:01:53 EST 2005

Jorge Luiz Godoy Filho, Quarta 19 Janeiro 2005 15:17, wrote:

> Hmmm...   I see.  I'm trying to avoid having to install external modules
> at
> my client's server.  Should I use, given that both DAO and ODBC are
> available with the win32all extensions, DAO or ODBC?
> Or would ADO give me so much more performance that I should really use it?

I've also made it work with ADO...  It doesn't require me to use the
'makepy' on it, so this might be a better choice if I have to deploy for
more machines.

I think I'll go with ADO.

Thanks Larry and Steve.

Godoy.     <godoy at>

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