Windows XP Installation

Kartic kartic.krishnamurthy at
Sun Jan 9 02:13:49 CET 2005


Did you at least visit, Python main website?

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click on the download link
Step 3: Located Windows Binary in the list of downloads (choose the
first link - - if you
dont know what Itanium is)
Step 4: Click on the link.
Step 5: Follow browsers instructions to save or open.

The installer will launch and you are on your way to installing Python
on your XP machine. It installs just fine!

Please note that it may ask for Admin rights..if you have it on your
PC, use it or else install it non-admin, meaning the environment will
be set up only for your userid and the DLLs will be in the Python
install location rather than %WINNDIR%

Please note that you may be interested in the win32all extensions if
you want to use COM with your python applications.
Good luck and python your way!


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