Frameworks for "Non-Content Oriented Web Apps"

mirnazim at mirnazim at
Sat Jan 1 23:51:06 EST 2005


There are great Python Web Application Framework. But most of them are
meant for content oriented web apps.

Is there something that can ease the development of application that
are not content oriented(I call them "NON CONTENT-ORIENTED WEB
APPLICATIONS" because I don't know what else to call them). I mean the
applications like, accounting,  high volume data entry apps,  where
normally GUI clients have ruled. I know very high quality ERP and
similar packages have been implemented in a web based environment. But
problem is that they have been developed with the tools that were
actually meant for content oriented apps like Zope, PHP, etc.

But is there some sort of framework or something that is actually meant
for such web apps,application that make heavy use of forms, have very
high amount of user interaction etc.

What I am asking here may sound off beat, but I think, in todays world
where web based solutions offers such a flexibility, we really need it.

I also know that I am to ambiguous, but as is the characteristic of
this wonderful community, talks that start as most abigous, transform
in crystal clear.

PS: I am a web developer, using PHP for living. I have been playing
with python for a while. I found python is really a cool language(do I
need to say that ;-)) with a really, really impressive collection of
modules and frameworks. While developing a school information system, I
felt the need of such a framework that makes developing of "Non-Content
Oriented Web-Apps" easy.

I know I posted a similar message earlier, but this time I a bit more

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