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Fri Jan 21 16:23:21 CET 2005

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> could anyone please help me!
> what and how is the best implementation of creating a table based on
> data coming from the serial port ? and also how would i be able to
> create graphs (2D) based on these data?
> opinions and suggestion are most highly welcome. thanks.
If you want to use existing tools, it is hard to beat a spreadsheet with a
scatter plot graph object.
If you are on the Microsoft side of the fence, Excel is perfect for this.
There is an easy to use MSCOMM32.OCX object to control the serial port.
This reduces your problem to moving the serial port data to an [x,y] column
that is attached to a scatter plot.

This is easy to do with Excel's built in VBA so I assume it would also be
easy to do with Python, given that you can use Python to manipulate the
Excel object model .

On the Linux/Unix side. Gnumeric seems to serve very well although I don't
yet have sufficient personal experience with it to know about the "gotcha's"
you might encounter.  I am also guessing that the Open Office spreadsheet
would work too.

Thomas Bartkus

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