Employablity of python programmers

Mir Nazim mirnazim at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 10:09:09 EST 2005


Here I am once again to give a bit trouble.

I am at the verge of completing my graduation in computer sciences. I
will be graduating within 6-8 months. Now I am faced with the problems
of my career. I am in a fix what skill set I must choose to be safe as
far as job openings are concerned. I understand that skill set should
be that one like most but job is also important. I will try to achieve
a balance in both with the help of you advice.

I am currently developing in PHP as a freelance web developer. But I
want to move to python(for all it all cool reasons discussed a zillion
times on c.l.py) and wanted to know the job oportunites available to a
python programmer(I know these have been also discussed a zillion time
here but still..). I am living in India and would like to know about
employability of python programmers in India (I know that a few Indians
frequent c.l.py. Hello Sridhar, where are you).

I would also like to know that if the knowledge of any other language
will boost employability of a python programmer. As far as I see it,
the following combination are desirable.

1) C/C++ and Python.
2) Java and Python.
3) Pure Python.

Out of the three Java along with python seems to be straight forward
choice as far as employability is concerned. But I would like to know
the benifits which one is a better career choice to take out of these
three choices(other suggestions are welcome). For me choice three would
be better, not because I have only one language to learn. If I choose
choice three I could spend more time in learning different approaches
to develop the application and better master the library and frameworks
avaialble for python.

So what are the recomendations from your side. Please help.
Mir Nazim.

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