python module in webmin

moma moma at
Thu Jan 27 06:43:48 EST 2005

sam wrote:
> Hi,
> Had anyone written any python module for webmin?
> Since  webmin is written in perl, but I want to write a python 
> app/module used by webmin. If you know the detail of writing a python 
> module for use in perl webmin, please drop me some guideline.
> Perhaps It is better off to find/write a python version of webmin first.
> Thanks
> Sam.

Some tips.

  Webmin API-spesification  (search for "Python" word)


  Read README and
  It says that 25% of API is converted to Python.
  It's normal CGI scripting and HTML. So you can easily
  write a real Webmin-module in Python.

  Maybe you can help to make more complete :)?

Search for "Python" here

  Find any modules written in Python?

// moma

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