python without OO

Frank Bechmann (w) fBechmann at
Wed Jan 26 15:00:57 CET 2005

even if I follow the other answers above - language-wise and 
management-advise-wise - just for the sake of completeness - I would 
like to point you to Lua:

1. portability (interpreter runs quite a bit architectures)
	=> yes, nearly pure ANSI-C should compile

2. good basic library (already there)
	=> you might have to collect some additional libraries and add them to 
the core language, so currently not the strongest part, but typical file 
handling is possible (at least w/ luafilesystem module)

3. modules for structuring the application (objects unnecessary)
	=> yes, starting w/ current in-work release

4. high-level data structures (dictionaries & lists)
	=> just one that combines both dictionary and list

5. no strong static type checking
	=> yes

6. very nice syntax
	=> little bit more "classic" than Python by using 'then ..end' and the 
like, as long as you don't exploit the built-in flexibility of Lua it is 
very easy to be read and written.

know what's funny: in the Lua mailing list there is currently a 
discussion about adding OO to Lua.

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