Port blocking

Ville Vainio ville at spammers.com
Mon Jan 10 08:55:21 EST 2005

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Carter <cartermark46 at ukmail.com> writes:

    Mark> Mark Carter wrote:
    >> Paul Rubin wrote:

    >>> Usually you wouldn't run a public corba or pyro service over
    >>> the internet.  You'd use something like XMLRPC over HTTP port
    >>> 80 partly for the precise purpose of not getting blocked by
    >>> firewalls.

    Mark> I'm not sure if we're talking at cross-purposes here, but
    Mark> the application isn't intended for public consumption, but
    Mark> for fee-paying clients.

Still, if the consumption happens over the internet there is almost
100% chance of the communication being prevented by firewalls.

This is exactly what "web services" are for.

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