Python & unicode

Serge Orlov Serge.Orlov at
Wed Jan 12 16:31:29 EST 2005

Michel Claveau - abstraction méta-galactique non triviale en fuite
perpétuelle. wrote:
> Hi !
> Sorry, but I think that, for russians, english is an *add-on*,
> and not a common-denominator.

You miss the point, programs are not English writings, they are written
in computer languages using libraries with English identifiers. On the
other hand comments and documentation are text. And Russian programmers
do write Russian comments in programs.
I've seen that a lot of times. On the other hand I've never seen any
serious program written with Russian identifiers. Sure such programs
may exist but my point is that they are very rare. That makes English
the language of choice for Russian programmers. I'm not against the
ability to write identifiers in my native Russian language, I don't
mind it. I'm just trying to get the message across that Russian
programmers are not dying for such feature and almost all of them don't
use such feature in languages that permit Unicode identifiers.

> English is the most known language, but it is not common.  It is
> the same difference as between co-operation and colonization.

When I hear "It's the same difference as ..." it raises a red flag in
my mind. Often, fine words have no connection to the subject. I can say
that it's the same difference as between ability to drive a car and
ability to walk. The car doesn't own you ;)


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