Make predictions about Python in a New Google Game

Amir Michail amichail at
Sat Jan 8 22:25:09 EST 2005


I have added over 50 Python related (Query, URL) pairs into the
Speculative Search Game -- a new Google game.

Just search for "python" to find them when making predictions:

The Speculative Search Game allows you to predict which web pages will
rank more highly on Google in the future.  Your score will depend on
the actual ranking of those pages in the future.

The output of the game will be used to build a Speculative Search
Engine that ranks those web pages more highly today.

Note that such predictions can be helpful in managing a large project.
See for example this article:,9171,1101040712-660965-1,00.html

The python (Query, URL) pairs that I added have pretty general queries
such as "python" and "python bindings".  Feel free to add other sorts
of queries to those URLs (e.g., "gui framework", "scripting language",
"programming", etc.)

Of course, feel free to add other sites as well, including any of your
python sites that I have missed.


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