Open Folder in Desktop

Dennis Benzinger Dennis.Benzinger at
Tue Jan 25 03:28:42 EST 2005

Kamilche wrote:
> Is there a command you can execute in Python that will open a window on
> the desktop, such as 'My Documents'? Kind of like 'system', but for
> folder names, not just programs. I'm running on Windows 2000.

Here are some commands you can use (tested on WinXP, so YMMV):

1. The os.system function

import os
os.system('explorer "c:\program files"')

This has the disadvantage that a cmd.exe windows is also opened,
because os.system executes the command in a subshell.

But using this approach the explorer starts in front of all other windows.

2. The os.startfile function

import os
os.startfile("C:\program files")

Using startfile doesn't open a cmd.exe window, but the folder window
is not started in front of the other windows

3. The subprocess.Popen function

import subprocess
subprocess.Popen('explorer "C:\program files"')

With subprocess.Popen no cmd.exe window is opened and the explorer
starts in front of the other windows.
But the subprocess module is new in Python 2.4.


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