File objects? - under the hood question

Eric Pederson whereU at
Fri Jan 21 00:06:31 EST 2005

Jeremy responds:

[kind enough not to mention I must have had only 10% of my brain cells functioning when I posted]

> And note that with the possible exception of that last one, there is no
> relationship between these two questions. 

Right, I just want there to be.

> There is no argument you can pass to file() that will read 
> an
> HTTP file.

A file is a file, no matter where it resides; yes I know it's not that simple.

Here the sort of thing (seek, then read) I think I want:

>>> IDV2=open(("","rb")[:-128])


>>> len(song453.tags)


But it's not a Python problem.  :-(

Thanks for the responses and indulgence.

I'm OK now - the repair man fixed the coffee pot.

Eric Pederson

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