JPype and classpath (Was Re: embedding jython in CPython... )

johng2001 at johng2001 at
Sun Jan 23 16:52:02 EST 2005

Thanks for the response. However, I continue to have problems. Allow me
to give some more detail.

For simplicity of testing, I hard coded the classpath and JVM path
(BTW getDefaultJVMPath() returns None on my system)

import os, os.path
from jpype import *


I have setup a classes folder in the script folder (D:/Temp) and have
placed test.class in it.
I run the script from the script folder (working directory is the same
as script's root path in this case)

Now how do I load the class test? I am afraid I cannot make that out
from the docs.

The simple test class is
public class test
public int i = 100;

What do I have to do before I can write

Thank you for your time.

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