Any Python XML Data Binding Utilities Avaiable?

Kartic kartic.krishnamurthy at
Sat Jan 1 01:17:25 EST 2005


I have heard about and played with pyRXP (from that
parses XML to pythonic objects. If you want a validating parser pyRXPu
(Unicode pyRXP, part of same distro) is recommended on xml forums.

There is another parser by Never tried it.

Also check out
1. for Python
XML recipes
2. - for
an XML to Object recipe.
3. - an
update to the above recipe by some other pythonista.

Item #2 above did not handle multiple occurances of elements well (or
may be it was me!), for example for multiple accounts in a download XML
config file I created, only got one account instance instead of 3.
Hope this helps.


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