Python design strategy (was Python evolution: Unease)

ajsiegel at ajsiegel at
Tue Jan 4 13:07:06 EST 2005

Viile writes -

>Type declarations are a feature that might benefit IronPython and
>Jython more than they would CPython.

How much is this part of Guido's decisionmaking process? 

Guido is , IMO, very much a strategist, as well as a language designer.

That's good, I think.

However it seems to me he is much more comfortable discussing
language design with the community. then he is in discussing

That, I think, is a strategic decision.

Understandable, in fact.

Nonetheless, I have been uncomfortable with this strategy in the past.

For my own reasons.

But had no good basis to question the strategy, as strategy..

With the language design issue now on the table, I think I can 
go further and question the strategy, as such.

The question of *why* needs to be fully discussed with
the community as part of this exercise, IMO. 

The "why" that does not give the BDFL's strategic 
thinking its due weight will not be a fully honest discussion. 

But what is the BDFL's strategic thinking. Will he stay vague? 

That it will help certain kinds of projects has been mentioned by Guido.

Which specific projects now underway of which he is aware?

Why is it important to accommodate those projects?

What is Guido's motivation, at this level?  Can we ask?  Can he answer?
In some specifics?

To implictly direct the converstaion to the highly technical,.
and implicitly assert community concensus should be reached
strictly from a language design perspective on the merits, assures us
more community damage then is necessary in sorting this one out.

Because we won't be having the real conversation.



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