Python Operating System???

Nick Vargish nav+posts at
Thu Jan 6 23:57:54 EST 2005

Arich Chanachai <macrocosm at> writes:

> He should just build around a linux core or use OS kit (if he is
> serious/determined).

There's Ubuntu Linux, a Debian-based distro with commercial backing
and a regular release schedule. One of the neat things about Ubuntu is
that Python use is encouraged. "Python scripting everywhere" is a
stated goal, and they have a number of bounties that concentrate on
deepening the use of Python in the OS:

I've been using it on a couple of desktops, and I've been impressed by
the overall quality of the distro. One thing I especially like is that
the root account is disabled by default, administrative tasks are
performed with sudo by users in the appropriate group (much like it is
in Mac OS X 10.3).


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