How to del item of a list in loop?

John Machin sjmachin at
Sat Jan 15 22:06:30 EST 2005

Michael Hoffman wrote:
> John Machin wrote:
> > Three significant figures is plenty. Showing just the minimum of
> > results might be better.
> It might be, but how much time do you want to spend on getting your
> results for a benchmark that will be run once in the "better" format?

About the same time as the "worse" format. The Mona Lisa was painted
once. The Taj Mahal was built once.

> Next time you can run the benchmark yourself and it will be in
> the format you want.

I've done that already. I've taken your code and improved it along the
suggested lines, added timing for first, middle, and last elements,
added several more methods, and added a testing facility as well. Would
you like a copy?

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