Python! Is! Truly! Amazing!

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Mon Jan 3 16:59:21 CET 2005

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> >>I have NEVER experienced this kind of programming joy.
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> > Just wait until you discover Lisp!
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> > ;-)
> I've had it with all those lisp posts lately ;-)
> There were functional and non-functional programming languages (the 
> first being *much* simpler to implement). There is a *reason* people 
> chose C over lisp. It's not that we were all blind and didn't see the 
> amazingness of lisp. Procedural languages are simply better, and I'm not 
> replying to this flamewar.

Then neither am I.

Yes, there's a reason people choose C over Lisp, just as there is a 
reason that people choose Windows over OS X, the Ford Taurus over the 
Lexus SC400, and Perl over Python.  But I'm pretty sure joy isn't that 
reason.  If joy is part of your quality metric for a programming 
language then Lisp is worth a look.  (And it costs a lot less than a 


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