protecting the python code.

Steve Holden steve at
Sun Jan 16 18:32:26 CET 2005

nell wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> First the "10x in advance" means thanks in advance.
> The main importance of protecting my code is to save headache of
> customers that want to be smart and change it and then complain on bugs
> and problems.
> 10x 
I'd have understood "tnx", never seens 10x b4 :-)

Your concerns are what licensing's for. ("No support on modified copies" 
would be a good heading for a section addressing this issue).

With good enough release controls you can verify the code is unmodified 
using md5 checksums or similar.

If a customer's good enough at Python to disassemble your .pyc files, 
they will probably tell you they've modified your code when the support 
queries come in :-)

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